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Frequently asked questions

What use is a Homelessness Survey?

A homeless survey provides to the different parties concerned with homelessness, information concerning the size and nature of the phenomenon as well as information on its evolution over time. This information is especially useful in assisting our most vulnerable citizens exiting homelessness.

Why do this in winter and in such a short time?

Homeless persons use the various shelters and other resources available to them more in winter. There are also fewer people outside in the evening. Both factors make the count easier.

When will the results be available?

Following the homelessness survey and a period of analysis, the results will be sent to the City of Montréal in June. The City will make them available subsequently at its convenience.

What should I expect?

On the evening of the survey, you will be asked to approach every person you meet, in order to identify those who are homeless and obtain some information about them. You will wear identification, have copies of the questionnaire, pencils, and inexpensive gifts to offer to people who agree to answer the questionnaire. Your team leader will have the instructions needed for your participation and will remain in contact with the deployment center.
Note also that the Société des transports de Montréal (STM) and the Montréal police (SPVM) are informed about the survey provide support during the evening of the event.

What happens if I have to go home after the last metro?

Most teams will finish before midnight. For those who finish later, you may receive a ride home by car or taxi at our expense.

Will a meal be served before we head out for the evening?

A snack and coffee will be served. We recommend that you eat before coming to your deployment centre.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Please wear weather-appropriate clothing as well as good walking shoes and bring a flashlight, if possible. The team leader will carry a fully charged mobile phone. We will provide all the material necessary for the survey. Leave your valuables and camera at home.

I would like to sign up alone. Is this possible?

Yes. When you arrive at the deployment centre, you will team up with other volunteers.

I would like to work with a friend or colleague?

Both of you should have signed up before coming to the event on March 24; when we form teams, please tell us up front.

Do I need some training?

Yes. On the evening of the count, you will attend a training session upon your arrival at the volunteer deployment centre when you will receive information about the questionnaire and your assignment. Prior to the event, you will receive further information by email.
Team leaders will also have a special training session on the evening of Tuesday March 17 or Wednesday March 18.

Will I walk to my sector from the deployment centre?

Some teams will walk to their sector while others will be driven. We will provide transit fare to volunteers who must use public transport.