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The street count survey

Homelessness has become one of the major issues presently and also important enough to grab your attention. We encounter a number of homeless inhabitants on the streets searching for food or shelter on our ride to the office. The city of Montréal has faced a huge increment in the number of homeless natives and is trying to provide them different kinds of help as possible. Many governmental and non-governmental organizations are working for the betterment and resettlement of these people, these organizations are working very hard to supply them the abundant amount of food and shelter for every one of them. Working for the betterment of this homeless population we also need to keep a proper track of the number of people out on the streets.

Need for the homeless survey

To be able to provide a proper assistance and help to those living rough we need to know the accurate number of without a roof on their head and also about their background details in order to provide them the help required. Some of them may need to give personal attention and care; their living conditions demand a lot of special attention towards their mental and physical health. A proper survey will help resettle and claim for the services offered by the government for their betterment. The survey aims at providing its vulnerable citizens a better and hopeful life by pulling that out of the present dispossessed conditions.

It is not easy for a single organization to complete the survey or keep an accurate count of the people so it takes help from a lot of its partners. ThePipeWrenchers known for its excellent plumbing services is one of the proud partners to be of any help for the betterment of these homeless citizens. The Toronto based company is well renowned for its work in the plumbing sector and also enthusiastically participates for the betterment of the homeless natives in Montréal. They provide every possible help in this street count survey and as its perfection in the plumbing sector it also conducts the survey with the same perfection and grace and never fails at providing the required help to the one out on the streets.

ThePipeWrenchers sends its volunteers occasionally to provide help in the count street survey as the survey cannot be particularly conducted just by a single organization; the company provides enough number of volunteers for the survey as required.

How does it work?

The volunteers cover different areas and based on a rough ratio of the volunteers and homeless natives. Volunteers than visiting the areas and take the count of the dispossessed people out there. They are also asked a few question based on their present and past life, native place and the about the circumstance that brought them there. The slight issues faced are solved by the volunteers themselves on the spot and the major ones are reported to the supervisors for required actions to be taken. Also, the people are counseled about their situation and provided any health support if necessary. Also, they are given the basic medical aids if required. Not only the survey will provide an estimate of the number of people out on those streets but also it will give an idea about their age, background, homelessness history, housing etc. There is no need to fear about the revelation of identity as the names of these citizens are kept completely anonymous and not even asked as it makes them uncomfortable.

Unlike most of the street counts which just get a rough idea about the number of homeless people out this survey assures the most accurate count possible of the portrait present. The regular updating of the data clearly helps in providing better assistance and help to the hopeless down-and-out citizens of the city. We leave no stone unturned to provide the actual and the exact count and also to provide them the basic help.

ThePipeWrenchers proudly help out the company getting the contract for the street count and as its near to perfect services in plumbing that is highly renowned and praised in the whole of the Toronto it does not fail in investing the exact amount of time, energy, enthusiasm in helping these people out there. They are well known for their amazing and extraordinary services by trained, qualified, skilled and experts, who not only fulfill their professional work promisingly but are also not at all troubling for the customers. The company never leg behind to fulfill its responsibilities be it professional or social.